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Becoming a Member

Art with Carol / Art with Paul

Jump into something creative. Do you enjoy drawing or painting? Do you enjoy crafting to give as gifts, even for yourself? Join Carol at 1:00PM on Mondays and Paul at 1:00PM on Wednesdays – every week is a surprise. Creative expression plays a big role in recovery – let’s bring out the creativity that is hidden in all of us!

Computer Skills

Learning new computer skills can expand your worldview, and can help you to stay connected with family and friends. At Connections, you can determine what types of things you’d like to learn, including typing, how to use email, internet research, social media, and how to look for job search. Just let us know what you are interested in and we will connect you with the tools to learn.

Creative Writing

Writing is a powerful way to tell our own story, to expand our imaginations, to capture our memories, and can be used as part of our journey toward wellness. At Connections, there are many writing projects and programs including short stories, poems, letters, and journaling.  We also encourage members to consider sharing their work by submitting it for inclusion in the Connections Peer Support Center monthly newsletter.

Job Readiness Skills

Individualized job preparation (i.e. assessment, job explorations, communication, conflict management, appearance and hygiene, resumes, applications, interview skills, dependability, WRAP for work, etc.), offered by our vocational supports, both in house and through partner organizations, can help you achieve your employment goals.

Men's Group/Women's Group

These groups provide an opportunity for men to come together to consider topics important to them. Being in these smaller, peer groups often allow participants to share topics they find difficult to share in groups of men and women together. Topics will be decided by the participants themselves and suggestions are always welcome.

Money Matters

Christina Traurig from Cornerstone Financial Planning of Newington offers one-on-one assistance with basic budgeting and finances. Please call to reserve a spot.

Music Appreciation

Like all of the arts, music plays a significant role in healing, expression, developing a talent, and just adding pure joy to your life. Connections’ music appreciation group is all about singing, learning and playing instruments, and generally celebrating the positive experiences music can bring.


*Below are examples of groups we offer. Our schedule changes regularly. Please consult the calendar for our current schedule with descriptions.

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