Our Board and Staff

Connections Peer Support Center is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of members and dedicated individuals from various perspectives and backgrounds. Our Board of Directors guides our work and function, and takes very seriously our responsibility to members, funders and the community at large.

In addition to our Board of Directors, staff members of Connections Peer Support Center work tirelessly to advance the mission of the organization, and to provide the most welcoming, empowering space for our members.

Connections Peer Support

Center Board of Directors:


Carol Hollis, Board President

Leslie McCarthy, Treasurer

Judi Coleman, Secretary

Amber Epison

Kelley Hayes

Martha Hewitt

Alison Sollee

Wes Tator

Connections Peer Support

Center Staff:



Greg Burdwood, Executive Director 



Tina Dulac, Administrative Services Director tina@connectionspeersupport.org


Nicole Fortune, Peer Specialist nicole@connectionspeersupport.org


Nina Jenssen, Program Coordinator nina@connectionspeersupport.org


Rachel Williams, Community Outreach Coordinator rachel@connectionspeersupport.org

Beth Flaherty, Warm Line Operator


Cindy Gagnon, Warm Line Operator


Darin Stewart, Driver

Step Up/Step Down Staff

Kali Moulton, Program Manager


Caroline Moriarty

Bradley Friedman

Dave Andre

James Boisrond

Anna Lisa DiSalvo-Johnson

Amber Frost

Deirdre Boryszewski