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Connections Peer Support Center welcomes—and in fact relies on—the community to play a role in our center and in our members’ recovery.  Your time and talent—whatever that may be—is sure to bring something of value to our members.  Connections offers a number of health, enrichment and recovery programs, often run by community volunteers.  In addition to programs, there are many opportunities to volunteer on capital projects, provide clerical support, or serving on our Board of Directors or one of our various committees. 


Volunteerism strengthens the fabric of our communities and can be a powerful experience for both the volunteers and the recipients of their time, and as you consider where to apply your volunteer time, we hope you will keep Connections Peer Support Center in mind!


Your contribution helps to unlock the potential of those in our community recovering from mental health challenges.  Investing in preventing mental health crises reduces costs to the community as result. The cost of providing services to our members is $15 per day/per person, vs. hospitalization for one day, which can exceed $1500. 

Connections Peer Support Center is a responsible fiscal steward and a donation of any amount will be maximized to the fullest.  Online donations can be made easily by clicking on the red “donate” button at the top of each page! 


Investing in recovery makes fiscal sense and improves lives.  The State of New Hampshire has demonstrated innovative leadership in developing the Mental Health 10-year Plan, and it is imperative that we all continue to use the plan as a blueprint and apply the necessary resources to be successful.  We invite community members with an interest in mental health and well being to learn more about how they can become vocal advocates in their neighborhoods, their communities and in the state.

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