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Step-Up Step-Down

is an innovative, non-medical voluntary residential program where someone in a mental health crisis might step-up from outpatient care into a supportive environment, or step-down from a hospitalization before going back to their homes.


This enables them to remain connected to friends, family, and community members as they focus on their wellness. All guests will be able to go to school or work, see their loved ones, and remain members of their community while avoiding the high cost of a hospital stay.

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We use the Intentional Peer Support model where we focus on

the power of building peer relationships. Peers of the short-term residential program will have a welcoming and supportive environment to work towards their personal wellness goals. The house will be staffed 24/7 with peer support specialists who all have lived experience with mental health


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• Peers will have access to a community pantry made of general staples but are expected to supply their own food and cook for themselves.
• There is a designated smoking area. Smoking anywhere else is prohibited.
• Step-Up Step-Down is a drug and alcohol-free campus.

What to Expect at the House:

Like any roommate-style living situation, there are guidelines for the SUSD house. Peers coming
into the house understand that:

• At this time, staff are unable to provide transportation to peers. Peers will need to use their own vehicles or be able to arrange their own transportation.

• Staff do not handle, store, or monitor medications. Peers are responsible for taking their
medications and storing them appropriately, including over the counter medicine.

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Who is eligible to apply?

Who is eligible to apply? Any NH adult 18 or over who wishes to have a supportive environment in which to work on their mental wellness.

Download  an application

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More questions? Here are our FAQs!

SUSD Office Phone: 603 942 6023

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