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H E A L T H 

Culinary Arts and Meal Preparation

A chance to learn simple meal preparations that are healthy, delicious, and inexpensive. Providing a helping hand is required to eat!

Community Lunch

Each week Connections, interested members enjoy lunch prepared by St. John’s  or Middle Street Baptist churches. 


Each week we consider relevant nutrition topics. Learn to easily prepare healthy foods to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health. We cover a new topic weekly, ranging from how to improve your relationship with food to cooking new and delicious recipes.

*Below are examples of groups we offer. Our schedule changes regularly. Please consult the calendar for our current schedule with descriptions.

Stress Management – A Key to Health and Wellbeing

What can you do to manage everyday stress and anxiety, before it negatively impacts your everyday activities and responsibilities? We’ll explore neuroscience, meditation, better eating habits, the importance of mindfulness. We’ll also use this opportunity to challenge our beliefs, often unconscious ones, as well as the role trauma plays in triggering anxiety and severe stress.

Stretch, Balance & Strength

Members will practice simple exercises to improve flexibility and balance as well as strengthen the muscles needed to keep us moving and independent in the years to come. We accommodate all ages and all physical ability levels.

Whole Health Action Management (WHAM)

This 8-week course is about your goals. After you write your Whole Life goal, you will create and log a weekly action plan, support each other in attaining your goals, learn ways to encourage positive thinking, and work towards finding meaning and purpose in your life.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning for Smoking Cessation 

Offered annually during the Great American Smokeout in November, trying to quit smoking is a challenge. But those who keep trying eventually kick the habit. Not only will your health improve, but also your finances and mental clarity. Join this group and begin to cut down every day, every week, until you no longer smoke at all. Let’s move toward this goal together.

Managing Anger

Anger can feel red hot. At times it can seem like it takes over your entire body– with nowhere to turn. It’s also a natural human emotion that everyone feels at some point in their lives– which is why we offer a weekly managing anger group on Monday’s at 1:00.

Surviving Winter Depression

Depression can hit hard during the cold and bitter winter months. With the sun going down earlier it can trigger our anxiety and or/ depression. These emotions can feel isolating but this group is intended to work through the winter blues and develop effective strategies that can be helpful.

Living with OCD & or/ Agoraphobia

Do you struggle with compulsive thoughts or intense fears over going out? If so, you are not alone in these thoughts. Our living with OCD & or/ Agoraphobia group is a safe place to discuss your struggles with other peers who share similar experiences.

Living with Anxiety

Anxiety can feel crippling, isolating, and sometimes debilitating. This tight- knit group focuses on working through our anxiety and discovering different coping mechanisms. 

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