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  • Carley Crain

A Fabulous Donation from The Fabulous Find

Connections Peer Support, a nonprofit mental health organization located in the heart of Portsmouth, has received a $12,631 donation from The Fabulous Find.

The Fabulous Find, a 501c3 non-profit organization (listed under A Caring Community), is a beautifully merchandised boutique style resale shop at 139 State Rd (Route One) in Kittery which partners with different worthy, local non-profit organizations each month.

All profits are donated to whatever organizations are selected by The Fabulous Find’s board for that particular month. Connections Peer Support Center was selected as one of three November recipients and received a $12,631 check at the end of the month, which will be used to enhance the services at their Portsmouth and Northwood locations. 

Connections Peer Support Center is run by and for individuals who have lived experience with mental health struggles. Connections is a place where members do not experience the stigma, judgment, and limitations of being labeled “mentally ill” that people often encounter from others in their lives.  Connections Peer Support is a place where both members and staff are able to give and receive support from each other’s lived experience with mental health challenges.

At Connections Portsmouth location, an assortment of groups meet on a daily basis that focus on a variety of topics. Some of these groups include LGBTQ+ allyship, social justice, living with anxiety, art, Hearing Voices, and more!

Connections Peer Support also has a step-up step-down location in Northwood, New Hampshire, which is an at-will 30-90 Day residential program for those seeking support with their mental health. Staff at the home work with individuals with where they are at, promote empowerment, and help members on establishing a stable routine all while moving towards their personal goals.

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