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  • Carley Crain

NH Gives is Right Around the Corner!

June is rapidly approaching, which means one thing, NH Gives! Starting on June 11th at 5PM, you can donate and show your support towards our nonprofit organization, Connections Peer Support Center!

NH Gives is an online statewide day of giving that runs for 24 hours from June 11th-June 12th and is put on by The NH Center for Nonprofits. Donations kick off on June 11th at 5 PM.

Connections Peer Support has gone through several transformations this past year, and we are very excited to expand on them! We have seen an overall increase in membership, Warmline calls, and residents at our Step Up/Step Down home.

This year Connections has a goal of raising $10,000 so that we can start a variety of projects, such as creating a Community Garden at our Step Up/Step Down Home, improving our transportation services, expanding our Peer Support services in Northwood, and making both of our locations more accessible for folks with physical challenges. 

Interested in getting a glimpse into our organization and what we have been up to this year? Follow Connections Peer Support on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok @connectionspeersupport. 

Our donation page can be accessed here: Give to Connections Peer Support Center | NH Gives 2024

We have created a number of donation levels this year to make the process of donating as easy as possible. 

Level 1 $25:  A $25 donation will allow us to continue to offer superior support and services and increase the options we have during the day for our members/guests. These donations will allow us to offer community meals, field trips, and to purchase supplies for art projects etc.

Level 2 $50:  A $50 donation would support us to take some necessary steps towards improving the safety and accessibility of both of our locations. Some improvements we are looking to do include a new ramp and entryway at our Northwood location, improving the accessibility of our meeting rooms in Portsmouth, as well as improving the access our members have to technology that can link them up with community resources/services, etc.

Level 3 $75: A $75 donation would allow us to take some big steps toward more food independence for members/guests through the pursuit of a large garden for the program, as well as a community garden and other methods of food growth/procurement. 

Level 4 $100: A $100 donation would allow us to begin the process of developing and opening a full Peer Center at our Northwood location and making these vital mental health supports a resource for not only Northwood, but the surrounding communities as well. 

Level 5 $125:

One of our main goals is to give the participants of our SUSD program access to the professionals who can support them to make their transitional process as sustainable as possible. A $125 donation allows us to create the fund to pay for these services. Coaching sessions generally run at $125/hour. Having an established fund would allow us to buy Coaching packages at a discount and would line our participants up with a vital resource that will only increase their chance of sustainable success and will support them to navigate issues such as housing, budgeting and career/education steps.

Level 6 $500:  A $500 donation would allow us to take some big steps towards all of the goals we have set for the year ahead. We have a lot on our plate but with the right amount of support we can, and will, reach all of our goals.

Thank you everyone for your support! It truly means the world to us. 

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