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Meet Jada Gaudreau, Our New SUSD Peer Support Specialist!

Updated: Jan 24

What has your mental health journey been like?

"I have struggled with mental health my whole life and it took me a while to finally find the help I needed. One of the most important factors in my life is acknowledging that I am not alone and that I deserve to be helped."

Why is peer support important to you?

"Peer support is important to me because it is a great way to deeply connect with people and be able to help them. One unique aspect is that it stresses the importance that we are not alone and personally, that has been very helpful in my mental health journey!"

What did you do before working at Connections?

"Before working at Connections, I worked at Camp Takodah, over in Richmond, NH. It is a sleep away camp and I was the supervisor for the youngest division! I also worked as a substitute at Auburn Village School, and I still sub here and there."

Some fun facts about you?

I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire and I am double majoring in psychology and French with a minor in forensics. I recently studied abroad in Dijon, France and I am graduating in May!

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