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Meet Our New Warmline Supervisor: Bethany Leary!

Updated: Jan 16

What has your mental health journey been like?

My mental health journey started with a pathway to becoming sober in December of 2018. I discovered on my recovery journey I had mental health issues that I never was diagnosed with before.  I was walking around with PTSD, anxiety and depression.  I struggled when I thought my issues were only due to alcohol. When I found out it was mental health too this made me stronger.  Knowledge was power.  

What Inspired you to work in the mental health field?

I have personal experiences growing up with an autistic brother.  I've always had a natural drive to help others with disabilities. After discovering my own challenges through my therapist, it has given me a positive path forward. 

Where did you work before Connections?

I worked volunteering for the past few years at Safe Harbor, Seacoast Pathways, and taking courses for CRSW certification through Choices Peer Recovery. 

Fun facts: I love good thriller movies.  I believe in ghosts.  I won't pass up Italian food.  I don't eat leftovers.  I have two precious dogs that are my life, Fabio and Frankie. 

Favorite quote: "People find God in the Light; I found him in the darkness, before death."


Favorite Self-Care Activity: You can find me on the beach in the summer

with friends enjoying the water and nice conversations. 

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